Diesel Pickup Shop, LLC

  The right repairs at the the right price

 Many shops offer diesel repair, but if that's not all they work on are you getting the best knowledge and experience you can? Not only do we provide products and services specifically designed for your diesel pickup, we can make your diesel pickup last as long as possible because we are aware of what potential problems to look for that are unique to diesel pickups. We know how to fix them, because that's all we DO!

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We are also aware that many diesel owners do their own maintenance and therefore will usually fix only the problem at hand.   We, on the other hand, will mention any other repairs that we see necessary; however, unless it is potentially dangerous we will gladly let you fix your truck to your content, with no pressure from us.
Digital age:  At Diesel Pickup Shop, LLC we are very aware of computers on vehicles.  (Did you know that drive-by-wire technology was used on diesels long before it was used on gas cars?)  Because of this, the area of diagnosis has become both easier and harder.  We use the latest equipment to meet the growing network of wires under your hood.  However, the best equipment in the world won't help a person who doesn't know what to look for!  That is where our specialty comes in--we know what to look for and how to fix it right the first time.


Want to do your own service, repairs, or upgrades but can't find the parts?  We sell everything you need from air filters to injection pumps.  And unlike buying parts through online auction sites, warranties will be upheld here!


When it comes to fixing diesels, we are aware that you can't just buy parts at your local parts store.  Stop by and check out our inventory of specialty and dealership parts.  We also carry common trailer parts, such as brakes and spring bushings, and can get many others!